True Confessions

I read fanfic.

I’m particular about what I read.

In the Potterverse, I don’t, for example, like Snape/Harry slash, though sometimes I like Harry/Draco slash. And sometimes I like Snape/Hermione stories. It’s not that I have a problem with slash, in general, its that I have to be willing to buy into the ‘ship, and I can’t buy into Snape/Harry.

My first attempt at publically shared fanfic, as an AUTHOR, was in the Potterverse, actually.

I like BuffyFic, generally speaking. I’ve seen a few really good Buffy/Harry Potter crossovers. No, really. And I was a regular reader of before it went to being an eFiction site. (I like the eFiction interface, btw, it’s nifty.)

But my first ever fanfic experience was with Star Trek. If that dates me, well, tough. I’m not old enough to have seen classic Trek in first run, but I’m old enough to have had it as my first Trek experience. I liked TNG, but I’d have liked it better if they’d done arc-based storytelling instead of episodic. DS9, from a writing POV was my favorite. I didn’t even start watching Voyager until it’s last year, because of work schedules. I went to a special showing, complete with live Klingons, of the premiere episode of Enterprise, but didn’t stay with the show…

My favorite TrekFics ever are Wildcat’s Spock/Uhura series, and Zakhad’s Captain and Counsellor series. Go read them

I don’t really PARTICIPATE in fandom. Once in a while I’ll send an email if I really loved a story, but I don’t play the read and review game, because I don’t have the time or patience for it…

And I’m bringing this up, because while I was munching on cereal yesterday morning, I found some TNGFic I hadn’t read. And I liked it. And it inspired me, so I’m writing a post-Nemesis a/u fanfic thing.

When it gets to a point where I’m willing to post it, it’ll go on, and Girasole. Maybe.

Until then, I’ve confessed enough for one night.

7/13 – 1:59 PM PDT: Edited to include links. Right-click to open in new window.

Fuzzy vs. The Sign

So on Friday, we got the realtor sign for our front lawn. Because my boss is really listing my house as a favor, and I’m not paying a full commission, we did the cheapest sign possible.

The stand comes with these instructions (paraphrased, but not much):
– Hammer at least 13 inches into ground
– Slide plastic piece over metal stand.
– To clean, use Windex and a rag.

Step 1: Take a metal stake and pound it into the earth, without hitting sprinkler lines or tree roots, but in such a position in the yard, that a sign hanging from the stake can be seen from the street. This step involved three or four false starts, as the earth refused to cooperate, and the borrowing of a sledgehammer from a neighbor.

It should be noted that there’s a knobby thing on top of the stake. It serves no apparent purpose, other than to make the use of said sledgehammer more difficut, since one must aim at the knobby thing, and not and the whole top of the stake.

2) Step 2: Slide vertical plactic signpost over metal stake. Easy enough. Except that the weight of the plastic made the post lean. Oh, and, did I mention no pre-drilled holes for hanging a feature-sheet box? Yay, Fuzzy got to use Power Tools!

3) Step 3: Attach horizontal sign-holder. Attach sign to sign-holder. Easy enough, except that the hooks snapped, so Fuzzy had to go to OSH and buy s-hooks, and such, and then come home and drill more holes in the plastic.

4) Step 4: Admire handiwork.
Well, it’s standing, and the sign can be seen, and people are grabbing the flyers, so…nifty.

Other items of note:
We lowered the sale price to $584,950, because I want the house to sell quickly.

We scheduled the open house: 1-4 PM Saturday and Sunday.

We have a Realtor in Texas.

We have a dresser, a rolling file box (letter sized) a printer stand, and two computer desks that we need to purge from our collection of stuff we don’t use. If you’re local, and want them, they’re FREE, but must be claimed by Friday at 6:00 PM.

Also, could someone please teach the ppl at Home Depot how to measure? Fuzzy had to make three or four trips there to get the new blind for the front window, cut to the correct length.

Such a Monday

So, my mother is yelling at me over IM that she’s pissed. I asked why. She explains, “There’s a hurricane developing 600 miles south of us.” (My mother lives near La Paz, BCS, Mexico.)

I ask why she’s yelling at ME.

She has no answer.

Apparently, I’m responsible for the weather patterns in the entire northern hemisphere, today.

Also, the a/c in my office is set to subzero. My fingers are BLUE.

Yeah, such a Monday.