So, we’re happily moving toward an open house on Saturday with a repeat performance on Sunday. My boss bought a new lockbox, and gave me his lockbox key, so I can take it off at night, if we need a little privacy, or if we want to sleep late in the morning some day. (As real estate is not my company’s business, this is not a problem, really.)

BUT…some guy down here from Portland has driven by the house six or seven times in the last few days. He took the original flyer, at the price I felt was too high. (When all else fails, trust your instincts, yeah?) I lowered it ($584,950 – still sick, but less so), and the guy called.

He’s unrepresented, may do the loan through us, and everything. That’s cool. That’s what we want.

BUT, he has to fly back to Portland, OR, and reallyreallyreally wants to see the house.

So, at 5:00 we’re showing it. We’ve tried to make the man understand it won’t be perfect. He says he gets that. We’re racing through things. We won’t have time for the paint touch-ups, and the termite guys are still working on stuff (but so far, no section 1 – YES!!!!!)

And tomorrow, well, we’re kidnapping Jeremy and doing all the painting, and some final touches.

* * *
On another note, Kerry Hamm is the best termite guy on Earth. He’s funny, sweet, smart, and thorough. He’s willing to work with people on getting paid, as long as you’re polite and honest with him. He teaches while he works – claiming, for example, that for the price of a single tube, he can make anyone an expert at caulking. He tells you how to treat stuff so it doesn’t have to be called. And, most importantly, he’s making the ants go away. I *HATE* ants.

The total of the work he’s doing – including the bathroom floor repair: $275 + some Asti Spumanti.