Attention Local Crewe

Yes, I know it's still a week before Thanksgiving, but that week tends to slip by fairly quickly, and before you know it, Christmas and Yule and such things will be upon us.

I'm posting this now to invite:
-any of you who are NOT going home/away for Christmas this year, to join our celebration. My parents and my aunt will be visiting from Mexico and Connecticut, respectively, and we generally do a foofy dinner on Christmas Eve and Brunch on Christmas Day. Any and all of you are invited to come join both.

I'm also wondering if anyone's interested in:

-seeing The Nutcracker as performed by BalletSanJose/Silicon Valley

-a group excursion to the Dickens Fair

-seeing A Christmas Carol at ACT in San Francisco

-seeing Stars on Ice here in town on January 11th.

I'm further wondering if it might not be a nice idea for all of us to get together and adopt a family for Christmas. Thoughts?