Attention Local Crewe:

We'd talked some about hanging at my place on Friday evening, so I can be home to scare greet trick-or-treaters, and so that we can have PumpkinFest out on the Patio.

Could I get a headcount and any requests for snacks, please?


Further Update

The feed for MochaChai isn't communicating properly. I know what the change should be, and emailed the support folks with it.

I hate that you can't manage feeds that you create.

Happy Friday.

Oh, and : I am still working on your project. We had an issue with Cleo last night that distracted me.


So, I've moved my personal blog to a new directory, which means a new link. I've moved my NaNoWriMo project to the OLD blog directory.

This changes RSS feeds in this manner:
/was/ blog feed – /is now/ NaNoWriMo WIP feed.
is new blog feed.

Feel free to add/delete either to your friends list at will – and as a reminder, I pretty much only post to the blog, not here – not real stuff anyway.


Everyone I know is doing this, but I'm using 's list as my jump point because then I don't have to edit for OD. And because I so rarely steal from her :)

Y'all know the rules: Cross off the authors who don't live on your shelves, and replace them with ones who do.

Note: I crossed off Tolkien. Yes, we have Tolkien books on our shelves, but those are Fuzzy's not MINE. I'm not really a Tolkien fan. Love the movies, though.

1. Neil Gaiman
2. Tad Williams Laurell K. Hamilton
3. Dorothy Dunnett Madeleine L'Engle
4. Sean Stewart Jane Austen
5. Guy Gavriel Kay
6. George R. R. Martin
7. J. K. Rowling
8. J. R. R. Tolkien Jasper Fforde
9. Truman Capote Tom Clancy
10.William Shakespeare