I Haven’t Been Writing Much…

Not because I have nothing to say, but because I've been working on setting up my own blogspace. No, I'm /not/ stealing and 's idea. I'd been thinking about it for a while, and moved all my many many domain names around trying to decide which one to use, and finally decided I didn't like ANY of them. So I bought a new one, and spent the week playing with Blogger, and GreyMatter and Movable Type. For the record, I went with the latter.

Also, it seems silly to keep paying for sites like LJ and OD when I have a gazillion domains I'm not using. (Ok, well, not quite a gazillion. Less than 10!)

So, if you want to read directly, here's the link:
Illusions of Motion, and if you'd rather read the syndicated version, it's , and either way, I welcome comments and contributions.

(Also, to Nimiriel and Filidh, I linked to YOUR blogs, which are both on /my/ daily-read list.)

See, I didn't even whine about having carpal tunnel issues and not being able to feel fingers :)