The Ever Spinning Wheel

In my day job, I’m often called to write about things like how to insure muscle cars and street rods, with special attention paid to things like how after market upgrades impact one’s insurance premium. It’s not very exciting stuff, though it pays well enough to give me the freedom to work on my own stuff, which is a lot more than most writers can say.

Since I don’t like the notion of sounding like Bambi when I write, I often research some of the parts that are mentioned, and one of the least expensive and most common upgrades I see are to wheels. In fact, Bullet wheels come up with impressive frequency.

If you’ve never considered upgrading the wheels on your car, let me tell you that for such a small thing, they make a huge impact. They’re the automotive equivalent of a signature piece of jewelry that enhances one’s outfit in just the right fashion. They are bling, but they’re bling even neophyte tuners can afford.

Shiny, stylish, and offered with free shipping as well as free mount and balance services, these wheels would make anyone stop and take notice of your car. Even better, most of them are under $200.

You may remember that I wrote about spying a vintage Mustang for sale in the Albertsons parking lot a few months ago. These wheels would have been the perfect finishing touch for that car, and I still wish we’d had the cash on hand to get it. As it is, we drive a Subaru Forester, and modding a Forester is sort of like putting a spoiler on a tricycle. There is no point.

Even so, I can dream about shiny metal rims every time I’m called upon to wax rhapsodic about the Silver Bullitt Mustang.