Coffee Pot Puttering

autumn brew

Despite the fact that I spent a good chunk of it tracking down the bits and pieces necessary to rebuild my mother’s website, today was an almost perfect autumn day. The weather was nicely blustery, and pleasantly cool. The air was clean from last night’s driving rain. The dogs were able to play outside most of the afternoon.

And I?

I moved my laptop to the kitchen table, brewed a pot of chicory coffee from Cafe du Monde, and did my work between gifts of muddy paw prints and sloppy puppy kisses.

As I posted on ello the other day: Cry pumpkin! And unleash the (roasted, with garlic salt) seeds of squash!

I love October!

Image Copyright: gdolgikh / 123RF Stock Photo

Walking Dessert

In preparation for the annual summer lightening of my hair color, I’m allowed to use hot water to wash my hair again (my usual technicolored dyes require tepid-water washing) and I’m also once again able to use mint shampoo (mint strips moisture and color).

My current minty fresh hair products of choice? Organix Mint and Tea Tree Oil, which come in curvy green bottles, and smell almost exactly like Girl Scout Cookies…Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, to be specific.

The Dove body-wash I’m currently using, is made with pomegranate but smells like raspberry Zingers.

Combine them? I’m a walking dessert.