So tired

As much as I love the moody weather we’re having from a writer’s standpoint, I hate it because the pressure changes and funky light make my head hurt.

What I really wanted to do today was sleep myself out. Instead, we were up at dawn and out of the house early to take Minnie the foster dog to an adoption fair…she didn’t find her forever home today, but she’s so sweet, I know she will.

After dropping her we nt to Ol’ South Pancake House for breakfast arriving between the breakfast and lunch crowds. Great food. Great service. Will definitely go back.

Then, on to Midlothian for Starbucks, Ace Hardware, and hair appointments for both of us. Fuzzy’s hair takes ten minutes, so he went back to fetch Minnie while Natalie darkened my base hair color to a deep coppery/strawberry color, and added streaks of Sonic Green (which turns out sort of teal). The overall effect is that of the green oxidation on a copper penny. It looks kind of cool, and it’s much more subtle than I anticipated.

And on that note, I’m calling it a night and going to sleep with Doctor Who unmatched on the DVR, because sometimes sleep really is exactly what you need.