Do Androids Dream…

Birdhouse Santa

While I’ve been enjoying the new(ish) series “Almost Human,” for some reason, I can never remember the correct title. Most weeks, I just refer to it as, “the show with Karl Urban,” which, while accurate isn’t really title-worthy.

Tonight, as we were getting ready to bring dinner to the living room, Fuzzy, Ben (our houseguest) and I were talking about what to watch, and I said, “Nearly Human.” They corrected me, but also pointed out that my title wasn’t exactly inappropriate.

Of course, this led me to start riffing on other title options. I came up with:
No Ordinary Crimefighters
The Six Million Dollar Police Partners
The Bionic Cops
Bicentennial Cops
and, my personal favorite
Do Android Cops Dream of Electric Perps?

So, with apologies to Philip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov, and many other people I’m not bothering to name, this concludes today’s entry for Holidailies entry.

Except for this:
Today’s Santa: I don’t remember where I bought this one. It might have been a gift. I like him because he sort of has that wild and wooly feel.