Seven things

It’s a bit after eleven, and I’m tired, so a list post is all I have time for. Seven things I did today:

  1. Breakfast. Usually I just have a protein shake. Today I had fluffy, fluffy scrambled eggs.
  2. Media. I’ve become addicted to recently. I especially like streaming it over my Google tv, because I’m old-school and don’t like watching things on my computer screen.
  3. Dogs: Our foster-dog, Minnie the Pocket Pointer, is learning how to be an inside dog. She spent most of the day running around the house, and didn’t have any indoor accidents.
  4. Exercise: I had a really long (but at a low weight) workout on the weight machine, because I’ve mostly been swimming all summer, and now the water’s too cold.
  5. Water: For the first time in days, or weeks, I’ve had enough water. I don’t like drinking water, so for me, this is a major achievement.
  6. Reading: I’m in the middle of a supernatural mystery/thriller about an interdimensional jewel thief. It’s really good, and I can’t wait to finish. For those keeping score, it’s an actual paper book, not a Kindle file.
  7. Writing: Spent the last two hours editing an interview for All Things Girl. It goes live at 7:00 tomorrow morning.

Time to watch Bones and then head to bed.

NOT another Manic Monday

drink coffee

I did not wake up at 6:00 this morning, but stayed in bed til 9:30 waiting for the pool guy to come and go, because if I stay in bed the dogs do, too.

Not that I ever wake up at six in the morning, unless there’s a compelling reason.

However, even though I really didn’t start my day til after eleven (there were distractions), I managed to write one press release, seven articles for various work blogs, three letters (which actually made it INTO THE MAIL) took a swim, cleaned the kitchen, made dinner, ate dinner with Fuzzy (while watching Warehouse 13, I do so love Brent Spiner as the big bad), and had a great conversation with a friend.

As days go, it was pretty good.

I’m sure the double espresso I had with breakfast made all the difference.