Bobbi honored me with the above award, and, as per the rules, I’m passing on the appreciation to ten of the bloggers whose work I enjoy. They’re listed in alphabetical order, because I’m silly that way, and for a change I’m not offering commentary. Explore, if you will.

  1. The Goat Rodeo
  2. Gold ‘n’ Purls
  3. Living the Fictional Dream
  4. Michele
  5. Mindful Banter
  6. Nogut pik i bagarapim ples matamat
  7. Nota Bene
  8. Notes from an Eclectic Mind
  9. Paula Tracey dot Com
  10. Tuna News

(I tried to pick people who aren’t already displaying the E award, or who inspire me, or both. That the list is all female is intentional, it being breast cancer awareness month, and all.)