There’s a sushi place Fuzzy and I used to frequent, and a pizza place we go to now, that have Sony plasma televisions mounted on the walls. I’m familiar with the mounting regular televisions – all that metal tubing and all those big screws, but I’d never paid much attention to how to mount plasma screens until I’d seen a tv wall mounting bracket from DekoMount.

Now, I must caution you that there are some pages of DekoMount’s site that are clearly under construction. However, if you contact them directly they’ll answer any question, and they also offer an 18-month warranty on their product, which is more than I expected from a company that specializes in bracketing systems.

I learned that their products are universal – as long as you get the right size, it doesn’t matter if your television is a Sony, a Pioneer, or any other brand, and that residents of London can pick up their brackets rather than waiting for delivery, if they so desire. To make it easier, you can pick your bracket by television brand or television dimensions, but they do recommend that you know the VESA specs and the wright as well.

The instructions that come with the wall mounting bracket are concise, and easy to follow, and there’s no fear at all of your television dropping onto your head.

Again, their website needs tweaking in a few places, but, if you’ll pardon the pun, DekoMount is going to really amount to something.