Right now, there is a whole chicken roasting in my oven.

I have never actually roasted an entire chicken, and am not a particular fan of chicken, but I’ve been completely craving it lately, and even though it’s still summery outside, the calendar says it’s fall, so (Rana, don’t read this part) I have no problem with cranking up the a/c a little bit so I can use the oven.

Anyway, inspired by Cynthia’s A Week in Food project, I decided to roast a chicken. I took a before shot, with it all covered in herbs, it’s just been through its first 20 minutes in the oven. The recipe I’m using said to do 20 mins at 400 and then an hour or so at 325, and so I am.

This is a no-baste recipe.

I should add that while I’ve never roasted a chicken before, I’m an expert on roasting turkeys.

Sorry, photos are being held for Cynthia’s project.

But the house smells amazing, all garlicky and herby, and…

Well, you get the idea.