Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash

Metamorphs. Changelings. Shapeshifters. They seem like something out of science fiction or fantasy. As a life-long geek (I maintain that I have too much fashion sense to be a nerd), I think of Maya from Space: 1999, Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Loki, both from mythology and from the Marvel comics and movies. t

And of course, I think of Kafka.

But the reality is that we are all metamorphs. We all change, adapt, evolve as we progress through life.

And right now, the world is changing around us. We’ve been told to stay home for the month of April… maybe longer…  We’re not to congregate. Bars and restaurants are doing curbside only. Churches and schools are going online.

What will happen in thirty (or sixty or ninety) days when we begin to ease back toward what we previously thought of as normalcy?

How will the world have changed?

And, how will I?

Well, we work from home anyway, so our day-to-day isn’t that different. I don’t have new blocks of unscheduled time to fill.


I have a list of exercises given to me by my physical therapist.

And I’ve got a new writing project (this one) that I’d really like to complete.

And a fanfic epic I’d like to work on.

But right now… right this minute? I’ve been in migraine hell for a week, and nothing is working. The pain recedes and returns, and a month from now… I just want a clear head.




It’s all relative.

Isn’t it?