Elseblog: Sunday Brunch: The Coming of the Cardinals

The Coming of the Cardinals


On the first Sunday of each month, I write a column called “Sunday Brunch” over at the e-zine Modern Creative Life. This excerpt is from the piece I published in November. You can read the whole piece here. You can also listen to me read it at BathtubMermaid.com.


We have a whole family of those bright red birds, and they return every year. The females are feathered grey and rust and red, and arrive with the first signs of being egg-heavy. The males are brilliant crimson and scarlet, and when they cock their heads and stare at me from their bright eyes, I’m convinced they’re appraising me in the same way I’m assessing them.

At the beginning of the season, I watch them building nests, but as the fall deepens into what passes for winter in this part of Texas, they aren’t quite so visible. Instead of witnessing constant activity, a morning visit feels like a kind of gift from Mother Nature herself.

It’s not only live cardinals that come into my life each year, however. As I slowly turn the decorations in my house from fall and harvest, Halloween and Thanksgiving, to winter, Christmas, and even Valentine’s Day, these ruby-plumed birds have a presence inside my house.

2 thoughts on “Elseblog: Sunday Brunch: The Coming of the Cardinals

  1. Cardinals may be my favorite birds, but sadly we don’t get them here in California (at least not in THIS part of California). I was in my 40s before I saw a real one in Maryland.

  2. What lovely birds!! I love cardinals but we only see a few of them during the summer here in the South. Birds are much smarter than we give them credit for. I hand raised a mocking bird and a dove last spring and they were both amazing little creatures.

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