Perfect Attendance

Once again, it’s nearly midnight and I’m scrambling to figure out what to write. It’s not so much that I have nothing to say as that I’m still exhausted from being up so early yesterday, spending the day on a cold hard bench in a chilly courtroom, and then staying up too late again last night.

I came this|close to skipping tonight’s blog entirely, but I’ve been doing so well this month that I don’t want to give up my shot at “perfect attendance.”

(I’ve been less than stellar with the podcast, though.)

So, this is my perfunctory blog post for tonight. It’s over a hundred words, at least.

And tomorrow? There will be baking.

One thought on “Perfect Attendance

  1. I’m glad you’re keeping up with it! Fellow Holidailier here…I kept writing through this year every day (but one I missed in January, damn it) and staying with it is just so cool to look back on.

    Keep going! Keep going! Keep going!

    (Holidailies cheerleader.)

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