Hot December

I was going to make a play on the whole Grinch thing in this post, but it’s late, I’m tired, and I hate all things Seuss, but it’s late and too warm for Christmas, and a gecko was in my bra.

Stop laughing.

I mean, all I was doing was opening the door to let the dogs out, and suddenly this baby gecko dropped from the sky, landed on my shirt and dove for cover in my bra.

It’s a good thing our back yard is very (very) private, and also that it was dark, because after I shrieked (I was startled, startled I tell you, NOT SCARED, just…startled) I immediately ripped my shirt and bra off and shook the poor gecko out onto the floor, where the dogs immediately tried to catch him.

He hid under the table.

I took a shower and changed to clean pajamas, no bra required.

As for the gecko, I’m pretty sure he’s going to turn up under the dogs’ water bowl at some point.

Stupid hot December with temperatures in the 80s.

We still have geckos around because we still have mosquitoes.


On the First Day of Holidailies (2012)

Caribbean Christmas

If there were a way I could blog from my bathtub – while it’s actually full of lovely hot water and bubbles and surrounded by glowing scented candles – I totally would. Instead, it’s 1:30 in the morning, which makes it, technically the second day of Holidailies, but since I haven’t actually been to bed yet, I figure we’ll call it day one despite the insistence of the clock and the calendar. (Besides, it’s still December 1st in California, which is where I lived when I began blogging in the first place, and so what if I’ve been in Texas for eight years now.)

(As an aside, this is longest I’ve ever lived anywhere in my entire LIFE, and I keep getting the itch to move every two years, but then I look around at all our masses of stuff, and think, “Until I’m rich enough to ditch everything and start from scratch, there’s no way I’m moving again.”)

I haven’t been blogging much. Still. Again. Lately.


I’ve been writing words upon words upon even more words, but…blogging. Not so much.

It’s not that I don’t want to.

It’s that, by the end of the day, if it comes to a choice between “soak in the bathtub and drink tea (or wine) while reading a book” or “blog about the fact that I’m not in the tub,” the former kind of wins.

But it’s December. It’s HOLIDAILIES. I’ve seen some of my favorite bloggers already posting their stuff – bloggers who, like me, used to be religious about posting and now make it an occasional thing. Bloggers I’ve been reading – at least in December – for, well, eight years? More for some. Less for others. But…yeah.

I don’t really feel Christmassy yet, I think because the weather is so disgustingly warm – unseasonably so, even for here – but I’m hoping Holidailies will help me.

So…Happy Holidailies from the Bathtub Mermaid, MissMeliss.

Happy Holidailies