Evil Lives Again (Evil Dead Red Band Trailer)

When we were at Dallas Comic-Con Fan Days on Saturday, we had close-up seats for Bruce Campbell’s Q&A, and one of the tasty treats he brought for his fans was the short trailer for the remake of Evil Dead. (He’s not in it, but he’s co-producing, so consider it sanctioned – would he be promoting it if he didn’t approve?)

Today, of course, the OFFICIAL trailer was released – the “Evil Dead Red Band” trailer. You can see it on IGN or YouTube, but, because I’m really, really nice. (And because I’m re-embracing the love of horror I had as a teenager and sort of stifled as an adult) I’m sharing it here.

Warnings? Hell, yeah. Not Safe for Work, Not Appropriate for Viewers Under 17, Those Who are Squeamish, or Those Who Hate Violence and Gore.

For everyone else? ENJOY: