January Wrap-Up

I’m back in the writing groove this month, with a lot of work for ATG, and the voice project I mentioned earlier that went live.

Also: beginning in February, my friend Debra and I are offering the first in a series of eight e-classes to help boost your writing. Watch this space for more info or check out 30 Days to Creativity.


Fresh Starts

Blank blogs have almost as many possibilities as brand-new spiral notebooks. Ever since I bought this domain, I’ve been trying to balance my personal blog, my book blog, and find something to write here, as well. It was too much. I felt divided. I stopped writing everywhere.

I made the decision to re-start this blog just to keep people up-to-date with what I’ve been doing – what I’ve been writing, where I’ve been writing, any new voice stuff I’m doing – and some special projects.

It’s still January for a few more days. The year is still young.

But it’s never too late for a Fresh Start.