My Favorite Things

While today was a work-day for me, the gentle rain outside was lovely company, and since – for a change – the precipitation did not come with a side of migraine, I was able to reunite with my old love. Until about two years ago, stormy weather was MY weather. I lived for the sound of raindrops on roses…or rooftops, or decks, or sidewalks, or car hoods, or, or or… While I’m fairly certain I’ll have more storm-related headaches in the future, I’m glad that the lack of one this week meant that this unseasonably warm, wonderfully wet Wednesday was a red-letter day for me.

Actually red-letter isn’t entirely accurate. Read-letter is, maybe, because I received a Christmas parcel from my auntie in Connecticut that made me teary, wistful, and happy, all at once. She and I have a shared love of Winnie-the-Pooh, you see. I mean classic Pooh. Pooh from before Disney turned him into a cartoon. Pooh from A. A. Milne’s books, which I still have upstairs in the Word Lounge. In hard cover. (Though the dust jackets disappeared eons ago.)

Anyway, she sent me a Christmas card, Pooh-themed that said something cute like “Christmas is a togethery time of year,” and a small book with a lovely Christmas story in it, and a newspaper clipping about a journalist who used to work as a publisher for the American publishing house that managed Milne’s works, and how that publisher owned the ACTUAL stuffed animals that had inspired the story, and how on her last day the caretaker of the Milne-agerie (my term) had let her HUG Winnie-the-Pooh, and she thought they’d reverted to private ownership decades ago, but a year ago she learned that they’d been donated as a permanent display to the New York Public Library, where they remain today.

It was such a sweet little essay/memoir/thing, and so full of the innocence of youth and the unabashed love for our favorite childhood things that never really leaves us, and I was moved by it (and it’s also THAT time of the month, so I’m emotional ANYWAY) and I left her a weepy voicemail thanking her.


But it’s also a Written-Letter day in MissMelissa-Land, because in addition to this blog post, I wrote twelve articles for work and a 1600-word (give or take) chapter of this TNG fanfic piece I’m writing over at, and which I just clicked “publish” on about twenty minutes ago. And yes, it would have been better if I’d spent that time working on one of the Original Projects I’ve got simmering away, but it’s been weeks since I’ve written anything NOT for work, and sometimes playing in someone else’s sandbox is the best use of an hour.

And now? Now I’m going to let cool, damp air waft in through the open windows, and I am going to lie in the lovely valley between the sleeping breaths of my husband and my biggest dog, and I am going to dream amazing things, and smile in my sleep because today was a rainy day, and there was tea and literature and a conversation with a friend, and another conversation with another friend, and so many words and so many ideas, and I found a new muse living in the back of my brain, and he whispers plots to me in a Scottish accent.

And among my favorite things are days like today…when nothing happens of any real import, and yet the whole day feels full of wonder.