Thematic Photographic: Nature

A subject like “nature” is open to such wide interpretation that I’m really looking forward to seeing what the rest of Carmi‘s net buddies come up with.

As for me, I snapped this picture of a bird resting in the bird feeder, just before Carmi announced this week’s theme.

Bird in the Feeder

11 thoughts on “Thematic Photographic: Nature

  1. Great shots! Reminds me of the time a dove built a nest on my balcony at the apartment I lived in my senior year of college.

    If you’re in the mood for a meme, I tagged you on my blog, but no pressure. :-)

  2. Such a sweet bird! It’s almost as if she’s inviting you to take her picture: she’s so perfectly situated.

    I’m amazed with how varied the nature-themed photos have been so far this week. And it’s far from over! So I expect even more nature-related coolness in the days to come. Such fun!

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