Yesterday in the grocery store, I hesitated in the lightbulb aisle, trying to remember what size bulbs go in the light bridge of our bed. This is a purchase that usually falls to Fuzzy to make and I’m not certain why it occurred to me to look, except that I was also trying to find a replacement bulb for one of the lamps on my dresser. I wish compact fluorescent bulbs came in soft pink. I like soft pink, especially in the bedroom.

My idyll in the aisle of illumination must have been mildly precognitive, though my powers of perception failed where it mattered. I couldn’t remember the correct size so didn’t buy bulbs. This morning around one AM, I startled myself awake from a disturbing dream, turned the switch on the over-the-bed light, and was greeted with a cold, dead spark-poof sound.

In this space, it seems, I am now completely in the dark.

5 thoughts on “Bulb-ous

  1. Hmm, and I just changed the chandelier’s light bulbs last week. All but 2 burnt out actually. I wrote a very short, yet strange apocalyptic poem about it. LOL.

    But in most cases, I prefer the dark or anything soft. :)

    Anyway, just stopping by to say hello and to see if you’re doing okay. I really like the sophisticated look of your blog here, since at the same time, it isn’t too girly for my tastes. lol

    Oh, and I can’t wait for the new prompts for CW! :)

  2. Hmmm….. You are not alone. My night light bulb stopped working. Went to hardware store to buy a replacement bulb. With so many bulbs out there I got confused which bulb to buy so I returned home without making a purchase. Stupid me! Only if I had checked the size before leaving the house, I would not have felt so bad about myself.

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