Thematic Photographic: Watery

My blog-buddy Carmi hosts some really great meme-type things, most of which involve photos. He’s been doing Thematic Photographic for a while now, but I haven’t participated because – well – I don’t have a good reason. In any case, this week’s theme is Watery, and this is my offering:

Don't Be Koi

6 thoughts on “Thematic Photographic: Watery

  1. I had to resist the urge to run my hand along my screen. You just want to pat a gorgeous fish like that! The color is almost too much to resist.

    When I grow up, my house is gonna have a fish pond. Never mind that I live in the Great White North: we’ll bring ’em in in winter! I’m sure the dog will just love to have new fish-friends.

  2. Beautiful shot! I had a similar one a couple of weeks ago that I used for a Wordless. If I’d known this theme was coming up I’d have saved it. But since i didn’t I’m glad you had this one!
    Nicely done…

  3. i enjoy seeing the ripples in the water preceding the fish as it moves about.

    but watch out for herons. my sister and her neighbours in Bracebridge, Ontario are losing their fish very quickly as the big birds prepare for migration.


    gord h.

  4. We used to have an aguarium when my boys were small, I used to love to watch the fish swimming around… it’s very calming.

    A super photo….. I enjoyed.

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