Not a Pet-Friendly Year

It’s been a rough year for animals, at least in our family and circle of friends.

Zorro is coughing almost non-stop, at least when he’s awake, and while we have drugs to help him, he’s refusing to take them, and has to be hovered over and watched in order even to eat dinner. His new food-avoidance (and this is an animal who will do anything for food) means he’s also not taking the pain killers for his torn ACL. He IS, however, jumping onto the bed with apparent ease, so maybe the pain isn’t bad, or isn’t phasing him. I’m thinking of hiring neighborhood kids to drug him for me, since he knows, now, when we’re doing it.

More immediately, my friend “MeliBabe” at LiveJournal (not linking, on purpose) said good-bye to her cat, Aoife today – she discovered she (the cat) had cancer not that long ago.

Another friend, whom many of you know as Ms. Eclectic has learned that her cat, Dorey, has terminal cancer in his lymph nodes. She’s elected not to put him through chemo, and she said estimates are that he’ll live about a year, give or take. Please go wish her – them – well.

The worst thing about a sick pet is that you can’t explain to them why they need to swallow the nasty pills, or why they’re not allowed to jump onto furniture any more, and when you deny them something for their own good, they give you the big liquid eyes that go right to your heart.

6 thoughts on “Not a Pet-Friendly Year

  1. My heart goes out to all of you…it’s terribly hard having a pet who is ill, and having to make those tough decisions about treatment.

  2. I recently lost my 15-year-old Siamese cat, Sassy. Although I have other cats, none can take the place of the one I lost. The last Siamese I had before Sassy – Pogo – was 18-years-old when she died.

  3. awww, I’m sorry about Zorro.

    I woke up from a horrible dream this morning, that my dog Max was dying and I had to pull his fur out and then cut his heart out (gently, gently), but he still wouldn’t go. It was VERY weird!

  4. It is very tough when a pet is sick.. they are like a sick child, too young to understand what they are being put through.

  5. Hi
    It always hurts in your heart when your pet is ill.
    I had a dog once, he became 15 years old, he was also sick at his last year, but he was a touph dog and made it to the very last!
    My other cat died last month aswell, from a short illness.
    But its just life.. Not always happiness.

  6. Here are some ideas for when your pet is sick and you are in a financial bind:

    * Call your local humane society or animal shelter – they may offer reduced cost veterinary care or vouchers to use at your local veterinarian.
    * Ask your veterinarian if there are any options for trading work or services that you are able to offer.
    * Various animal aid organizations like IMOM offer assistance to those in need. Check out local resources in your community — your veterinarian may be able to offer advice on local resources, too.

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