Dear Blogfriends,

Please excuse MissMeliss from posting today, and retroactively back to Friday, June 1st. She has contracted a nasty flu, and is unable to even feign coherence.

In addition, please accept MissMeliss’s sincere apologies to certain IM buddies for her rather delirious sanity break babble over the past several days.

MissMeliss plans to spend the day in the pursuit of fluid ingestion, sleep accrual, and the intermittent viewing of Stephen King’s The Stand which, while possibly ill-advised due to the subject matter (decimation from super-flu), involves several hours of Gary Sinise, which, she says, would make anyone feel better.

Proof of MissMeliss’s illness lies in the fact that she begged off performing at CSz on Friday, and cancelled a mani/pedi appointment on Saturday.

Love and Kisses,

MissMeliss’s Fevered Brain

P.S. Did you know it is possible to “call in” sick when you work from home? Well, it is, and MissMeliss has done so today.

4 thoughts on “Influenza

  1. I think its so cute you wrote an absence note for your blog.

    Hope you’re feeling back to 100% soon.

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