This doesn’t feel like it should be a Holidailies post, because there’s no seasonal content, but that’s not really a requirement. So it is.

Sometimes, you just have to give up on productivity and spend the day in bed, which is what I did today. It wasn’t so much that I was up late, as I was asleep by 12:30. It wasn’t that I was up early – I got up to use the bathroom a bit before 8:30, then went back to sleep while Fuzzy went through his morning routine. While we can share a bathroom, and often do, the advantage of me working from home is that I can sleep til 9:30 and still get up and do my morning routine, because my new employers are in California. Time differences are your friends.

But I was groggy all day. Kept thinking I should just give up and nap, and didn’t. My tivo was on TBN, which is scary, but the ultra-Christian Harry Connick Jr. wannabe was adorable and talented even if he did turn traditional Christmas music into scary praise music, so I let it play for a while. I wonder if half an hour of TBN earns me any indulgences. If not, it totally should.

From there, I had breakfast, which was an oh-so-nutritious bowl of Grape Nuts Flakes, with organic milk. I like organic milk, but it confuses me that it has an ex date that is generally two weeks beyond the normal time on chemically enhanced milk. Today, however, I was more interested in the fact that the folks at Horizon have decorated their milk cartons for the holidays. It was adorable. Or at least it was adorable for the first minute and then the coffee kicked in and it was just there.

I wrote some cards for soldiers, and wrote some stuff for work, and cuddled the dogs, and generally felt kind of hazed over and drowsy all day. At 1:00 I had lunch with Commander Data and his brother Lore and the rest of the folks from the USS ENterprise. Thank you, SpikeTV, for running eps of TNG every afternoon. TNG is comforting television. So is the West Wing, but in a different way.

At 2:00 I went back to bed, planning to nap til 4 or 4:30, then take a shower and get ready for ComedySportz, except that when I checked the forum, there was a warning that the show might be called. Which it was, as I found when I woke up a couple hours later. On one level, I’m disappointed – we need the audiences, and I wanted to play, because I’ve had a paradigm shift since our last workshop. But I was also relieved, because I just wasn’t feeling connected to myself. Anyway, I play tomorrow night. And next Friday. IF YOU LIVE IN DFW, COME TO COMEDY SPORTZ ON DEC. 22.

Fuzzy was home early (for him) tonight – by 9 – he brought home food for the dogs, and for us. Bad processed food, but I was in no condition to cook. I started the process of decorating the tree, but am still feeling sleepy, and now that I’ve posted, bed seems like an amazingly good idea, as I have a full day tomorrow.

Fuzzy said, sometimes it’s good to just spend a day vegetating.
Sometimes, he’s allowed to be right.

One thought on “Vegetating

  1. Had a day like that where I slept in due to a headache making me go to bed early. But you said you didn’t sleep in. huh. Very curious.

    Awww, wish they’d rerun TNG on a non-cable channel. And I loved the West Wing until that last season. Studio 60 is quite good, though, and by the same people.

    BTW, apparently we sell paperwhites at michaels. !!! Never noticed the name on the box. Now I’m tempted to buy one just to know what this smell you reminisced upon is… but my thumb isn’t very green.

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