Riddle Me This

It’s all Dauna‘s fault. She mentioned this game/thing called Weffriddles in her blog, and I managed to avoid it for several days…browsed the first page than got distracted. But then tonight I lingered. And played.

And the chili sort of became “smoked chili.”

And I’m now on level 32.

And yeah, it’s all Dauna’s fault.
And YOU should join the insanity.

2 thoughts on “Riddle Me This

  1. I’ll try to remember to go there and try the game when I get home tonight. I can blog occasionally at work, Melissa, but not play games. Dammit!

  2. Oh it’s not that kind of game, utenzi. hehehe. People on the forums say they play it at work all the time. No sound or flashing graphics or anything like that.

    Sorry about the smoked chili, tho, Melissa. :(

    But hey, you’re going to win first. So you’ll be through then! What are you complaining about? ;)

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