December Question of the Day

A few years ago, when was more than an empty husk of a website, several of us wrote essays/blog entries/responses to questions selected from A Christmas Conversation Piece.

You are hereby invited to join me on a similar adventure this year. From December 6th (St. Nicholas Day) through December 24th (Christmas Eve), I’ll be answering prompts from the book. I plan to use them for Holidailies entries, but you aren’t obligated to do the same.

Questions will be posted here and in my LiveJournal between 9PM and 2AM the night before. (For purposes of this exercise, the “day” will begin around 7:00 AM Central time, and end at whatever time you go to bed that night.) I’m asking participants to commit to at least nine of the eighteen days. (No, they don’t have to be consecutive). If you don’t come from a tradition that celebrates Christmas (even in its secular form), never fear, I try to choose questions that are wintry, not just Christmassy, and you can interpret them as you will.

If interested, please post a comment.

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