Dec-QOTD #13-18

I’ve become overwhelmingly busy over the last two days, and expect this only to increase. Therefore, I offer the remaining six questions, the first of which should have been posted today. Feel free to pick and choose from them, spread them out, or answer them all at once. And thank you to everyone who participated.

Question 13:
You’ve been chosen to host a sensational Christmas/Holiday celebration on TV. What three guests (living or deceased) would you have on the show to make it the best special EVER?

Question 14:
Suppose you have a 50-gallon aquarium in your home. How will you creatively decorate it for the fish this holiday season?

Question 15:
Other than “jolly,” in your opinion, what word(s) would best complete the following phrase, ” ‘Tis the season to be…” ?

Question 16:
What is your favorite Christmas / holiday sound?

Question 17:
When you think of the holiday season in New York City, what particular scene or image do you picture first?

Question 18:
What do you typically do the day after Christmas?

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