Last night: 75 people, some who knew each other already, the rest, friends who simply hadn't met yet, gathered at a restaurant to celebrate the beginning of NaNoWriMo, which starts for me in about 63 minutes.

Tonight: $75 worth of chocolate has been distributed to local kids in various scary and comical states of dress. My favorites: The rapping inflatable baby, and the young Raggedy Ann experiencing the end of her first trick-or-treat, borne aloft in her father's arms. The latter actually caused me to utter the word “precious” aloud, and in front of witnesses.

Tomorrow: A trip to Plano (there's a 75 reference there, really) for a 2nd interview for a job that, if offered, and accepted, would mesh my mortgage skills and my (somewhat rusty) computer support skills. The money's good though.

Right now? A 75% chance that I'll be asleep at midnight, and not actually writing.

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