Taking Responsibility

So, I completely and utterly fucked up a file at work. Granted, the client has been less than honest about his income, was late in getting his package back to us, etc, but, still, I’m not good at failure and I hate making mistakes.

I stewed about it all weekend, and as a result I’m tired and crabby.

So, I emailed the bosses, and told them the truth, fully expecting blasting and to be fired or something. Because, you know, I always expect the worst.

Instead, I get told, “Don’t stress; it’s no big deal, mistakes happen, and we’ll work it out.”

I really want to be an underwriter.
There’s so much less stress. Real or not.

In other news, I’m taking the test to renew my notary on 5/15. I’m not worried about it – the information is pretty much common sense. Not like the real estate licensing test, the main fault of which is that it was written by Realtors.

It is far too easy to work in this industry.