Not Bad for a Monday

I was expecting to have a horrible day today, but, for a Monday, it wasn’t bad, really. We submitted the one file I’ve been a little concerned about, and received word of more fundings, so, there’s hope.

And then, I got two calls for job offers. . .but I can afford to be picky, and neither of them were in places where I wanted to work, so I said, “thanks but no.” They both said they got a kick out of my “non-traditional” resume. I’m glad about that.

I’m getting crampy and my temperature’s all wiggy. Tomorrow’s a Curves day, and I’m swimming on the off-days. Any form of exercise that allows you to tan while doing it, and doesn’t require shoes, is a good thing. (I love shoes, but I love being barefoot, too.)

I’m craving something cheesy.
I’m out of cranberry juice, which is dire because I have a brand new bottle of vodka.

But, you know, for a Monday….I’m okay with all that.