Line Items

So, I’m tired and groggy, and can’t figure out if I want to write tonight, or what I should write about. I therefore invite anyone reading this to help me pick. I’ve scribbled a few opening lines that have occurred to me over the last day or so, and I’m listing them here. Tell me which one you’d like to see continued.

Oh, and…some may relate to fiction in my head.

* * *
1) Every year was the same; on September 1st, the war began.

2) She lay in bed, singing to herself and staring out the window.

3) It�s the hat that defines his character, she thought, as he first stepped into the frame.

4) In the chill of the morning, just before dawn, they woke to the sound of their dog mewling, and pawing at the bedroom door.

5) It was her favorite sort of day: a slightly cloudy sky, and temperatures just cool enough to make a t-shirt too light to wear alone. �Sweater weather,� was what she�d grown up calling it.

6) The water was acid-cold against her sleep-warmed skin.

7) Eight pounds of Chihuahua can feel surprisingly dense when it�s all standing on one muscle.

8) She sat on the edge of the pool, and dangled her feet in the water.

9) Smug. Yellow. Plastic.

10) She loved to watch him in the garden � there was something so delicate about the way he lowered his black nose to sniff a flower, the way his ears pricked up whenever a bird chirped a greeting.

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