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That Christmas Queasy Feeling

Many people who've been reading my blog, or my OD or LJ posts, know I've been complaining about the following symptoms since the last week of November:

queasiness, esp. first thing in the morning & last at night
bouts of dizzyness and lightheadedness
unusual tiredness
a sudden inability to tolerate COFFEE or dairy
feeling mildly crampy

What I've only shared with a few folks, is that I'm also late in that distinctly female sense of the word. And I'm not talking a few days. I'm talking, my last visit from that little friend was 10/23.

So, considering the symptoms listed above, and other stuff, which I'm not listing here, our thought was, “Well, maybe I'm pregnant.” So we did tests. Three stick tests over the time period from 12/02 – 12/08 were all negative. I forced Kaiser into giving me an appoinment with my ob/gyn (an adorable old Egyptian guy who made sure all the instruments were warm, and chatted about gardening to put me at ease), and the results of that were “you look perfectly healthy”.

He gave me three choices:
1) Take progesterone to induce that montly visitor
2) Do nothing
3) Wait & see

We did the blood test. It, too was negative.
So for the moment we're back to “wait and see” and I'm trying to book an appointment with my GP because I just…I feel like there's SOMETHING going on. I mean, I live in my body every day, I know when things feel different.

In the meantime, that blood test was a week ago, and still no change in anything.

So, why am I sharing this complete lack of news? Because I need to feel like I'm not crazy, I guess. (Yeah, blatant sympathy plea), and because I've been so distracted, distant, and flakey lately, that I wanted to make just one explanation about WHY.

So, back to your normal days now.
Thanks for listening.

But I *feel* Purple.

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