Maybe it's the overcast sky, but I feel unfocussed and disconnected today. Even the jolt from a venti mocha isn't helping my poor brain wake up.

I spent the weekend in bed dealing with a rare but intense asthmatic reaction. I think the rain and the heater in my new house are conspiring against me, because now that the heat's off, I'm fine. Mostly. I've called PG&E to come and clean the heater and check it carefully, as well, because there's a funny smell when we use it. Not like gas or mildew, just…funny. The smell of an iron when it scorches damp cloth combined with something vaguely sweet. Whatever it is is NOT GOOD.

I have a million things to write about, but I also have 35 new files facing me down, mocking me with their newness and incomplete-ness. How dare I write in a journal when they are waiting for my attention?

Still, it'll be an early day for me, as the office is shutting down at 4 so the boys can all go to some sporting event. They invited me, but it's not my thing.

Ah, well, the files are winning after all.
Back to work.