January Wrap-Up

I’m back in the writing groove this month, with a lot of work for ATG, and the voice project I mentioned earlier that went live.

Also: beginning in February, my friend Debra and I are offering the first in a series of eight e-classes to help boost your writing. Watch this space for more info or check out 30 Days to Creativity.


December Wrap-up

December was a quiet month for me. I was slammed by one of my freelance projects, but it was mostly code and project management, so I didn’t do very much writing.

I participated in Holidailies over on my blog, but I’ve purged all the posts from the last ten years.

I recorded something for Julie Hoverson at 19 Nocturne Boulevard, but it went live in January.

We’re Almost Ready, All Things Girl.

Fresh Starts

Blank blogs have almost as many possibilities as brand-new spiral notebooks. Ever since I bought this domain, I’ve been trying to balance my personal blog, my book blog, and find something to write here, as well. It was too much. I felt divided. I stopped writing everywhere.

I made the decision to re-start this blog just to keep people up-to-date with what I’ve been doing – what I’ve been writing, where I’ve been writing, any new voice stuff I’m doing – and some special projects.

It’s still January for a few more days. The year is still young.

But it’s never too late for a Fresh Start.