Escribition (House Rules)

I started blogging in April, 2001, because a friend suggested I might enjoy it. I’ve tried to keep paper diaries over the years, but never liked it. What’s the point of writing if no one will read it?

This blog is really more a journal. It’s pretty uneven, because I change my mind about the point of it almost as often as I change the template. Mostly, it keeps me writing things other than work stuff, and keeps me accountable to something outside myself.

Sometimes it’s a platform, sometimes it’s writing practice.

Whatever it is, however, it is MINE, and there are house rules:

I’m a supporter of DoFollow. I think if you’re a real person leaving a comment and your link, you deserve to have linkjuice. I’m not confident that it will help you – generally if the link isn’t relevant it’s not really terribly useful, but hey, whatever.

However, I also reserve the right to delete the URL from any comment linking to a solely commercial blog, or delete the comment outright. My blog is NOT your free advertising venue.

If your post does not include a real name, working email address, or comment that actually addresses whatever post you’re responding to, you can pretty much expect it to be deleted, or at least have any URLs stripped.

First time posters will have their posts held for approval.

Revised 12 October 2007

I’m a working writer. I’m also into froufrou hair salons, designer coffee, hand-blended perfumes, and shiny geeky toys.

While I do get paid a decent amount to write stuff for other people, my blog has always been for me. I started it because I’m not into morning pages. I like feedback. It’s better than chocolate.

In July, 2007, I decided to try blogging for bucks. Why? Because if I’m going to be writing ANYWAY, then my words should help keep the net fees paid, and if they keep me in pink dye, caramel macchiatos, BPAL, and pink mp3 players, hey, bonus. Therefore, some posts on this blog may be sponsored product reviews, while others may include paid links. I find this to be far less intrusive than sticking links in my sidebar, as well as less bandwidth intensive. Also, I can control which products appear on my site. With link ad, you can’t always. .

So, yes, sometimes I get paid to write stuff. Any product endorsement or review is based on real-life experience either with the site, or the technology, and, where required, those blog posts are marked as such.

The links are not marked. Why? Because they’re just links, not whole reviews.

If you want the list of who I write for, and an overview of my experiences with them, I’m happy to provide it.

Update: 13 October 2008 – I’m no longer doing paid posts in this blog. I might again, but right now, I’m not..


I love email, but I hate spam, so you can contact me by sending mail to:
Melissa AT MissMeliss DOT com.

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