About MissMeliss

My name is Melissa.
I’m a writer.

I use MissMeliss as my nickname for this blog, despite the fact that I’ve never really been nickname-prone, because I like the alliteration. A close friend, almost an aunt, but not technically a blood relation gave me the name, originally.

I used to have a ton of links to profiles and reciprocal links and such, but recently I’ve decided that all the fancy links and clicky boxes are getting in the way, so here’s what you need to know:

My professional writing site is:

I keep a couple of writing blogs:
Zenitopia – fanfic, mainly.
Itinerant Imagination – original stuff, mainly.

I have one husband (Fuzzy), two dogs (Zorro and Cleo), and more computers and books than I need. Right now my system of choice is an Alienware m15x. I used to be a Vaio girl.

I read a lot. My woefully out of date book blog can be found here:

I’m a California liberal living in Texas. I’m a feminist, I’m pro choice, and I’m pro gay rights. I’m also hovering between being an Episcopalian and being Unitarian. I like the ritual, music, and poetry of the former. I like the freedom of the latter. I think religion should keep its nose out of politics, but be active in matters of social justice. I think people should question their beliefs from time to time.

Generally speaking, I’m opposed to war, but I also support the individuals whose job it is to go to war. Our military personnel are doing a job most of us are unwilling to consider, and they deserve respect.

If you have a problem with any of this, it’s your right, but I don’t need to hear about it. You won’t change my mind, and I won’t change yours.

I like alphabetizing, books, coffee, dogs, embroidery, fountain pens, gardening, helping people, ink, journals, kissing, language, music, newspapers, the ocean, paper goods, questions, rhyme, singing, talking, umbrellas, vanilla, writing, xylophones, and zoos, among other things.

I dislike bok choi, dogma, racism and spiders.