100 Days of Notecards – 2017 edition


Almost every year between the summer solstice (today!) and my birthday (August 17th, I like bath stuff, coffee paraphernalia, perfume, and funky jewelry. I don’t like blank journals.) I end up descending into a creative slump.

With the Dog Days of Podcasting coming at the beginning of August, and my rule that I have to do something productive and something creative every day (and yes, sometimes they are one and the same) I thought it would be wise to start generating ideas for the daily podcast and other writing.

A few years ago, I participated in The !00 Day Project, where lots of people pledged to engage in an act of daily making (whether that was art or something else) and document it on Instagram. I took a break in the middle, but overall I really enjoyed the project.

Last summer,or… maybe it was the summer before… I tried to do 100 Days of cooking, but kept forgetting to take pictures, so while it was a tasty project, it wasn’t a terribly useful one.

This year, I’m doing notecards again.

I’ve got a bunch of 3×5 post-its, because after I snap the picture of my notecards, they go on the front of the fridge for anyone who visits my house to read. (The visual aspect also helps me keep going, because I get a kick out of the brightly colored notecards slowly taking over the stainless steel of my fridge.)

So I’ve started again. Today.

The rules:
100 Days.
100 Notecards.
1 sentence, scene, or snippet of dialogue per card.