Meet Morgan

Adoptable Dog Morgan

Morgan is about a year old, and has been spayed. She’s available for adoption through Shelter 2 Rescue. (Click image to embiggen).

Meet Morgan.

She’s about a year old, and has already been spayed. She’s an affectionate, intelligent pointer (or mix) and she’s small for her breed – just under 40 pounds – though she needs go gain a few to be truly healthy.

She loves to play in water, and will splash in the water bowl, or drink from the pool if we don’t catch her. She’s happy to play with other dogs – my two gentle giants didn’t phase her – and she’s good with smaller animals as well.

While pointers are high-energy animals, they also make great companion pets, and they can be taught to be couch potatoes between bouts of exercise.

Morgan is available for adoption through Shelter2Rescue, or you can visit her at the South Arlington (Texas) PetCo betweeen 1 & 5 PM on Saturday.

She would love a home and family of her own.

Sunday Brunch: Cello Hands

My latest Sunday Brunch piece, “Cello Hands” is up at All Things Girl. music6_by_KarpatiGabor_via_MorgueFileAn excerpt is below, but you can read the whole thing here: Sunday Brunch: Cello Hands.

I knew what a cello was, of course, because when I was much younger (five or six) I’d been gifted with a copy of Captain Kangaroo’s album of “Peter and the Wolf,” where he introduces all the orchestral instruments and tells you what characters they represent. (To this day the bassoon reminds me of a happy, sloppy, drunk man, but that’s another story.) “Okay,” I said. “Why not?”

Now, while nine may seem incredibly young and innocent to the average adult, it’s actually a pretty advanced age at which to start learning music, especially for stringed instruments. I’d always been a singer, and I could pick things up pretty quickly, and knew that a quarter note was short and a whole note was long, but this was different. This wasn’t me picking out melodies on my grandmother’s ancient, out-of-tune-except-in-summer-when-the-humidity-made-the-cracked-soundboard-sound-intact piano. This was learning how to think in a whole new language, and literally see the music and then be able to make it.