Thursday 13: Beau Melange

No theme, just miscellany.

1) This quotation about the recipe for coffee, according to Talleyrand, always makes me grin:

Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love.

2) All day yesterday the word anamnesis was caught in my brain. It’s used liturgically to refer to a memorial act – the Holy Communion in high church. In English, we say “remembrance.” – Do this in remembrance of me – but anamnesis is a deeper memorial. Not just witnessing, but participating in the memory AND the mystery.

3) I watched MSNBC’s coverage of the introduction of the new pope yesterday. My favorite quote, from one of the commentators:

I love that he’s a Jesuit. This means he has a brain.

Sadly, I don’t remember the name of the person who said it.

4) Since the beginning of the year, I’ve reduced my coffee intake to one cup a day, but I’m spending the time to make really amazing coffee. Most recently, I’ve been using a tiny Bialetti moka pot. I love it to bits.

5) Last month, I splurged on tea from Teasim. They make an organic Earl Grey that is so fragrant, it makes me want to take a bath in it, but today I was drinking an herbal blend of peppermint, licorice root and cloves. It made my head feel better.

6) According to Henry Fielding:

Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea.

7) I haven’t been blogging a lot because I’ve been in a serious reading mood. Specifically I’ve been reading a lot of Star Trek fiction because I feel like I need to escape.

8) Fuzzy and I saw Oz the Great and Powerful last week. It was good, but I couldn’t help contrasting it with the 2010 version of Alice in Wonderland. Both fantasy lands are interesting, but I think I prefer the darker, gritter Wonderland.

9) My favorite version of Oz is the SyFy miniseries Tin Man. This has nothing whatsoever to do with my undying love for actor Neal McDonough. Or rather, for his work.

10) The rules of Rock Scissors Paper Lizard Spock, as explained by Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) on The Big Bang Theory:

1. Scissors cuts Paper

2. Paper covers Rock

3. Rock crushes Lizard

4. Lizard poisons Spock

5. Spock smashes Scissors

6. Scissors decapitates Lizard

7. Lizard eats Paper

8. Paper disproves Spock

9. Spock vaporizes Rock

10. Rock crushes Scissors

11) As I write this, at a bit after 2 in the morning, there are five dogs sleeping in my room. Dog number four is Aztec, our current foster. The most Zen chihuahua in the world.

12) Dog number five is our new puppy, Teddy (he came with the name, and we think it suits him). This is his picture:

13) A Facebook friend shared this video with me the other day. It’s called “God Made a Dog,” and it’s awesome. Enjoy:

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8 thoughts on “Thursday 13: Beau Melange

  1. I’m highly addicted to sweet tea, but so far the only type I’ve had is black tea. I would love to try Earl Grey. Happy Thursday! Oh, and Teddy is adorable. :)
    Stephanie Sullivan recently posted..Thursday Thirteen – Hippy ChipsMy Profile

  2. Ha! The Big Bang Rock Paper, Scissors game is a hoot.
    Mia Celeste recently posted..Inspiration–A Newly Published FriendMy Profile

  3. Teddy is so cute, I just want to scoop him up and take him home. No puppy for me, though. I’m looking for a young adult dog. Time for me to start searching for adoption agencies in my area.

  4. How adorable! Teddy is a total cutie. Happy T13!

  5. Teddy is adorable :-) Hope he finds his forever home soon :-) Oh, and I’m borrowing that video to share with my FB friends LMAO!
    Janet recently posted..March is Colorectal Cancer MonthMy Profile

  6. 7 have you seen all the fan fiction movies of Star Trek? We’re working our way through them.

  7. MSNBC is still talking Jesuit…

    I’m in love with puppy :)
    Harriet recently posted..Friday Friend and Follow 3/15My Profile

  8. I quit coffee, (except for when I travel,) in 2007, and switched completely to tea. I like herbal tea better than black tea, as I find it to be too bidder for me. I remember trying to drink coffee a few months after I stopped, and I made it way too strong, (because that’s the way I liked it,) and I almost got myself sick. This was on Thanksgiving day, so it wasn’t all that pleasant. For my list this week, I wrote 13 things that Google might kill next, (in light of Google reader shutting down on 7/1.)
    Noelle recently posted..13 Things that could be on Google’s next hit listMy Profile