Unconscious Mutterings # 500

I can’t sleep because my migraine meds are making me wired, so why not do a little late-night (or is that early morning?) word association?

I say… And you think…?

  1. Call :: me 
  2. Instinct :: behavior
  3. Toffee :: nut latte  
  4. Cleaner :: sweeper 
  5. Gut :: feeling 
  6. Leveled :: flattened
  7. Discover :: science 
  8. Together :: forever 
  9. Attack :: of the killer tomatoes
  10. String :: theory 

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One thought on “Unconscious Mutterings # 500

  1. I hope your headache is better.
    A lot of my mutterings matched yours but I had Call: Waiting, Together: Again, and Leveled: Land.